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Creative Problem-Solving

Mapping out the solution – using systemic intelligence collaboratively

Learning from Scientists for Business Innovation (LinkedIn)

The Gift of Anxiety (with David Britten) International Journal of Sales Transformation

Body Intelligence at Work (Future of Work hub)

Bringing back the mirror – how to use reflection as a shortcut for professional learning


Making Conflict Work (with Helma Betts, International Journal of Sales Transformation)

Women and Leadership: Closing the gender gap (conference report with Sally Worth)

Questions, questions, questions – the twins of curiosity and ignorance

Team Tenure – a key to healthy sales teams dynamics and rapid alignment

The Remote Line Manager as a Coach (Future of Work hub)


AI & Coaching (available on request)

Career Adaptability (with Rob Wood, Coaching at Work)

Coaching Women at Work (with Christine Vitzthum and Trudy Delmare, Coaching at Work)

How Can Maternity Coaching Influence Women’s Re-engagement With Their Career Development?

Career returners (with Geraldine Gallagher, Future of Work hub)

Diversity and Coaching – Book chapter in ‘Emerging Conversations in Coaching and Coaching Psychology’

Why internal coaching supervision isn’t a ‘nice to have’ anymore

Creating an effective coaching culture


Writing about writing

Why doing more work-related writing is a good idea


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